Re:UPS the group

name: Hatsumi
they all called "はつみサン"
Job: Singer
blood type , horoscope: type-O , Aquarius
favorite drink & menu: "カシオレ" and "ビーフジャーキー"、"ホルモン"、"コプチャン"

name: MASASHI, Yamada
they all called "バンマス"、"ヤマチャン"
Job: Keyboard Player
blood type , horoscope: type-O , Virgo
favorite liquor & side menu: "ビール" and "冷奴"

name: HIDEAKI, Abe
they all called "あべサン"
Job: Bass Player
blood type , horoscope: type-AB, Aries
favorite drink & side menu: "ビール" and "生牡蠣"

name: JUN, Katoh
they all called "ジュン"
Job: Drummer
blood type , horoscope: type-O, Sagittarius
favorite drink & side menu: "焼酎" and "梅水晶"

name: MASAHIRO, Nawata
they all called "ナワタサン"
Job: Guitar Player
blood type , horoscope: type-B, Libra
favorite drink & side menu: "芋焼酎" and "美味しいおしんこ"


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